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Video Of The Week: You Are Single For A Reason

Ever heard of the Wahbanana channel? Super quirky and funny stuff. Typical Singaporean humor, which hits close to home for us Malaysians as well. Anyways, enjoy!

How To: Be A Prankster

Being A Prankster Isn’t As Easy As It Seems. You will host incredible surprise parties, scare the living daylights out of your friends and bring tears of joy when needed to. How, though? Is there a simple 4 steps routine?

Ughhhh NO. But I’ll try anyways.

office prank-16-toilet-seat


Know your target and his/her habits. Don’t just grab some random trick off the Internet. Get inspiration and find out what will bother/delight them the most. Find out when they are most likely to be caught unaware and guard-less.


Pranks and Surprises are not supposed to be easy to pull off. That’s why their reactions are so priceless. Because YOU put in a lot of work! Include more people, louder sound effects, stronger physical trauma. It is important to remember the rule : They must never see it coming. Set the stage. Hire the actors (or friends).



Nobody yaps. Weak friends must be sworn to a blood pact that could end in death. Again, they must never see it coming. Invite the weak ones to either watch the video or attend after the surprise and prank has been made if you have to.


The plan may look like it’s about to buckle. Luckily you have a backup. Have another punchline ready in case the first one fails miserably. Have plenty of witnesses so it’s easier for the victims to be good natured about the joke. Learn CPR in case the joke goes horribly wrong. o_0



Top 5: Scariest Places In Malaysia

Well, everybody can agree to the fact that almost all Malaysians believe in ghosts or supernatural beings. For reasons entirely unknown to me, everybody has either experienced a supernatural phenomena or knows a close friend who has. This is the same reason not many Malaysians can appreciate Hollywood horror. They’re just not that scary. Why? Coz most of us have seen worse. For those of you who haven’t, feel free to join the club if you want to.

5. Jalan Turi Bungalow,Kuala Lumpur

This is a short article from NSTP on July 1992:

“KUALA LUMPUR: Dua kanak-kanak adik beradik rakyat Amerika Syarikat keturunan India dan seorang wanita dibunuh dengan kejam di rumah banglomereka di Jalan Turi, dekat Jalan Taman  Pantai, di sini, malam tadi.  Mayat tiga mangsa pembunuhan itu ditemui dalam lubang najis sedalam lima meter berhampiran banglo berkenaan kira-kira jam 12 malam”
Check out the pictures at this link : http://chowcheahchen.blogspot.com/


4. Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru

The infamous Villa Nabila has multiple versions of why the prime location real estate is abandoned and left to rot, but i will share none of them. This is a controversial place which has received a lot of attention. This place is mysterious and creepy. The one thing i will share is that everybody who has entered that location at night has gotten the chills. I don’t mean the ones you get when you’re cold either.


3. Aeroplane Bungalow, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Mona Fandey. For those of you who grew up in Malaysia never hearing about her, i feel envious. She was the infamous singer turned bomoh who got famous for murdering a politician Mazlan Idris in a ceremony that was supposed to imbue him with power. The body was dismembered and skinned. Mona insisted that she will not die, even when she was being hanged. This house, where the murder (and quite possibly a lot more) occurred has been abandoned and feared ever since.


2. Kayangan Bungalow, Seksyen 12, Shah Alam

Nothing much is reported about this house. Just a lot of broken links and very short warnings. Nobody has been allowed access into the house either. Just what is so dangerous? Why are people being kept out? I was so curious i went to see it. And i never will again. I just won’t.

1. Poliklinik Cheras (The Lady Templer Hospital)

This is a building that was closed down without proper explanations and rationale. People started saying it was haunted. It was closed soon after. It was guarded even when it was in ruins. The ones who managed to sneak in all just refuse to talk about it. There’s something inside me telling me I should stop. I should listen. image006

Pemergian Bujang Lapok

Firstly I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the late Datuk Aziz Sattar’s family and friends. His will never be a face forgotten in my mind. With that said, we have now arrived to a world without the Bujang Lapok trio. When so many jokes of ours are based on the jokes from their movies, how will they be remembered?

Aziz Sattar

Bujang Lapok was released in 1957, the year of the Malaysian Independence. How many of us can say we have watched a single movie from that era except for the movies produced by this batch of talented human beings? How many of us still watch it? How many children will keep watching it in the future? Their movies are not only timeless in Malaysia. They are shipped and watched all over the world.

bujang lapok

We can pay our respects by bringing those glory days back to the country. We need to have learnt something from them. We need to make sure the new generation of moviemakers, actors and actresses can compete with the shadows of the past. They set the stage. We have to beat them without forgetting what they did for us.


An empty tribute is nothing. An article in the paper shall be forgotten. But I, at least, will keep watching his movies with tears in my eyes that i shall never see another Bujang Lapok with at least one original cast ever again. Farewell Pak Ajis. Farewell Sudin. Farewell Ramlee. :)


Top 5 Things You Will Need As An Adult

5. A Ride

Everybody needs to move around. Without a form of transportation, the distance you can possibly travel to for work or leisure is greatly limited or dependent on another person. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a car, motorcycle or something in between. Just be careful that you lose the functionality of your legs from so little use.


4. Bag

We have stuff now. As amazing as that seems, it looks weird to carry the stuff you need in your fists. A little organization goes a long way. Now we need to take care of it. Briefcases, attache cases, backpacks or travel suitcases. It’s something like a badge for adults, their bags. If you go around carrying books and pens in your pockets, people will know you’re on your way for an interview.

Not This One!!

Not This One!!

3. Pen & Paper

You can’t afford to miss out on information now. Be it current events, work requests and reminders, you now have a lot on your plate. Your memory is, however, still what it was 10 years ago. This means you may forget stuff. Now some say there are laptops and smartphones, but I say you’re leaving room for error. Battery may run out, errors might occur and whatnot. Paper and pen, it’s just practical. At least keep it for emergencies. One in your ride, one in your bag, one in your bedroom and one in your office.




2. Goals

You have responsibilities now. You will have more as you go along. What you don’t need is stagnation. You need to push yourself further. Be better. Smarter. Stronger.

1. A Sense Of Humor

This is the most crucial of the lot. If you have this, you won’t be depressed or stressed most of the time. Have a good time. Enjoy the little things. Find things that make you smile rather than focusing on the bad things that ruins your day. Be nice to people. This is the secret to having a good life. :)


Awesome Movie Suggestions: Kil (2013)

I bet you’re slightly tired of watching superhero movies. Maybe, just maybe you’re a lil tired of watching those silly slapsticks or rom-coms. If that’s the case, this movie’s perfect for you. It’s very rare for you to find a Malaysian movie that has an 8 points rating on IMdb. This movie was produced by Rewan Ishak and Jeremy Little, who recently passed away in the Holy Land of Mecca. Jeremy, who was CEO of Tune Studios, producer, turntablist for Prana and entrepeneur, managed to produce this gem before he passed on. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun. God Bless His Soul.



Akil (KIL), a quiet and depressed young man sees suicide as an solution though he never succeeds in pulling it off. A chance encounter brings him face to face with the “Life Action Bureau” or LAB, an organization that will help him end his life. But after being bound to LAB’s terms and conditions, he meets pretty and vivacious Zara with whom he eventually falls in love with and gives him a reason to live. The new Akil who embraces life must now race against time to undo what he has set in motion before he gets killed.




This movie is, quite simply, quirky. Quirky, original and secretly appealing. It has a certain childlike quality to the story that makes it easy to absorb while dealing with life’s most complicated questions. The characters are memorable and lovable. The pain of seeing the characters that are so easily loved not receive love gives you a wake up call that this movie echoes reality: life’s not all that kind. However, there are those small little things that make up for life’s unfairness. Those moments are captured perfectly in this movie.

kil 3


There was a time when everybody i knew attacked the quality of Malaysian movies. I finally see it improving. I finally see an identity in our movies. Is everybody going to turn away and ignore the advancements we’ve made in this industry? To encourage the scene to produce even better quality stories and movies?

Our Backyard: My Thoughts On Hudud Law

With Brunei boldly declaring that it will run Hudud law (although delayed) and our Prime Minister saying that he does not rule out the implementation of hudud law, the matter is now a serious issue. Before I write about this topic, let’s understand the definition of the term first shall we? 

Hudud Law

Hudud law is an old form of law derived from Al-Quran. Be notified that I said old and not barbaric or outdated. It is a form of fixed punishments that extends to theft, extramarital sex, fornication, consumption of illegal ingredients and apostasy. Now it is important to understand that these laws were implemented during the golden age of Islam to countries that were not secular. Islam existed as a religion and as an authority. Islam fundamentalism was practiced at the state administration level from everything from shariah law and business policies. Even then, Islamic fundamentalism wasn’t a crude time. There was a lot of room for discussion and debates regarding punishments, incarcerations and etc. Islam was viewed as the model for free speech. This is because the idea of Islam is so that it has to embraced willingly. In an absolutist stance by an Islamic nation, it was an efficient legal system. 



People often see the hudud law as ancient and inhumane. However, this system, although ancient, is more humane than people would assume.  The punishment for fornication, for example, is heavy, but the court process is stricter and leaves very little room for error. What people assume is sex can be understood in the modern context as fornication or extramarital sex in public. This is because the emphasis on evidence and reliable witnesses are heavier. You would need four witnesses who witnessed the actual crime at the same time (non speculative) or confession in order to convict a person who is accused. Also keep in mind that the punishment for perjury is very heavy indeed. Once convicted, there are exceptions. A  pregnant women cannot be lashed or injured or killed due to the innocence of her baby. I would also like to add that Islam firmly believes in the concept of privacy in personal homes. A person cannot simply crash the door and force entry int a person’s home without just cause.

Another punishment that is greatly misunderstood is thievery. A thief is convicted with enough evidence, of course. However only habitual stealing is punished by cutting off the hands. This also does not apply to stealing to meet basic needs. Petty theft is also not applicable to this form of punishment. 


Modern Day Adaptations Of Hudud

With the above being said, it is of course understood by the general Islamic population that the hudud law, like other forms of law, can be adapted to modern day use. Any government that hopes to initiate it must understand that people need to accept it in order to abide by it. A law made through force would not only create dissatisfaction, but also hatred towards the religion itself. 


My contribution to this article, as far as personal opinions go, would be to pose one question. Even if the end result if something good, would the method of execution matter? Would those of you who would want to implement hudud do it at any cost? If it meant separating the country, alienating the people, backlashes and negative perception on your religion to implement it now, would you still do it?  Would you take your time and EARN the trust of the people? How these questions are answered will prove to me personally how i choose to accept the issue. I sincerely hope that i have not overstepped my bounds with any party or individual. If I have caused offense, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. If I am mistaken, please be kind in your criticism and keep it constructive. Thank you. 


How to: Make Origami!!

Are You Bored? If you are, there’s no way you would take the time to make origami. For the ones that ARE looking for something interesting to learn about, let’s make origami!! Bookmark this page so you would always have the tutorial here. 😀


Origami Boat

Origami Flapping Bird

Origami Talking Frog

Well, use these origami for any number of activities.Use it to approach that cute girl at the office, pester your friends and entertain your younger siblings. Have fun!

Top 5: Toys Of All Time

Well, the one thing kids will forever have in common are toys. Toys are the things you use to entertain yourself and communicate with others. It’s a common ground. it’s a tool to reach out when we didn’t have pick up lines or the ability to hold a conversation. Kids talk about the things that delighted them the most. So we decided to make a top 5 toys of all time. What’s your favorite toy? 


5. Nintendo 

Nintendo consoles, ranging from Wii to the Game boy is a modern form of toy. Those were the days when kids would immerse themselves in Mario and Pokemon. Trading Pokemon, exchanging cheat codes and competing to see who could do it the fastest. These games may be electronic, but the relationships we owe them were completely real.  



4. Monopoly


We all secretly love board games. We all secretly want to crush the other players in the game so badly they admit to your superiority. We all take it too far. For a game that was created to teach us simple economics, this game sure brings out the worst in us sometimes. Well, it’s still addictive though. It did teach me how to be a sore loser though. 


3. Bicycle

This is a classic. Bikes are the first form of vehicle you get your hands on. Feeling the wind pushing your hair back, the thrill of speed and the customization to your bike, you somehow think that the bicycle is an extension of yourself. Your bike was part of your identity. It’s like a mechanical horse isn’t it? Hey ho Silver!! 


2. Lego

  Who can forget lego? This awesome invention, for me, was a mini movie in the works. I would build buildings, characters, vehicles and monsters so i can produce a movie in my mind and act it out. Lego gives you the ability to invent anything you want. Imagination runs wild in a child. Having the means to exercise gave me more good than i thought at the time. 



1. Stick

Never underestimate the stick. Cheap and versatile, you can transform a single piece of dead plant into a sword, bow, gun and even a tractor. If you’ve never had fun with a stick, you’re missing out. Something as simple as clashing sticks with a friend can turn you into Darth Vader and Luke in your mind. If you still don’t see the value of this fantastic toy i leave you with one word. Slingshots, or as we say here in Malaysia, Lastik. Well, that’s not one word isn’t it? 


At the end of the day, it’s not about the toys. I bet you got that from reading everything i wrote above. It’s about imagination. Kids today have an excess of stimuli and need to nothing to add onto the amazing experience they’re already getting from modern games. It leaves less to the imagination. It’s their loss. We, however, cannot forget to exercise the little buggers we have inside us. Imagination is what allows us to see beyond what we have already achieved and the mistakes we’ve made before. Don’t be a bored little critic. Be an optimistic curious eager doer. In other words, be a kid. Growing up is subjective.  lightsaber-fight