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Chipotle: Continued (We're back!)

To the followers who have been loyal to us, we’d like to reward you by showing you how a good campaign can be improved over time, adding new elements in sync with the trends of the time. We’ll introduce Chipotle “The Scarecrow” advertising campaign as the continuation of the 2012 Chipotle” Back to the Start” campaign which was posted two years ago in this site.

Now, what makes a good campaign? Is it the graphics? The story? The product? The answer is neither. In my opinion, it’s about relating to the viewers on a human level. A good campaign utilizes a person’s emotion towards supporting your cause. The scarecrow is an awesome campaign with its endearing character, powerful message and good follow up. It shows off the company as the main character battling the giant corporations of the world in trying to keep its ingredients natural.

Chipotle even released a mobile phone game in line to reiterate its message and attract the attention of the younger generation. The campaign rallies support for the product and the company while being a very interesting form of entertainment as well. This is what IslandTalk Asia strives to deliver to you as well. Good products and services to the consumers as well as the best wildly creative representation for the companies. We bridge the gap between the consumers and the companies. Again, thanks to those who waited for us to re-emerge. For the fresh visitors, we welcome you to the family. Stay tuned for more awesome-ness.