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Internet: The Democratic Offense

We haven’t written anything for a while now. Why? Because it’s been crazy. It is chaos across all platforms of the media. The world is filled with landmines. From the Israel-Gaza situation, MH370 and MH17 all the way to the Commonwealth, local politics, KIDEX and the ever controversial Brazil World Cup.

There are hundreds of thousands, millions, maybe even billions of people talking and saying things on the net. Some of them ridiculous, some of them intelligent and some of them controversial.



Now that’s democracy.

And it is a beautiful thing to see people uniting to a common cause under these issues and pledging their allegiance to a particular side of each issue. There is a policing system in the works here. People are educating each other and improving the communication system of the Internet by empowering each individual speaker. Simply put, everybody’s learning from each other. Even if it’s by force.


Behind every unjust act committed by a/an organization, body, movement, party or government, there will be the ones who oppose. If the cause is just, it will gain momentum and create pressure on the people involved. Boycotts, Trolling and shares. It scares big organizations to see when the public unite against them. The internet is proving to be a useful check and balance against injustice in the world. Why is this you ask? Because the internet represents public opinion, and public opinion decides how much money they make.


And then there was the steering lock incident, followed by many others. For a long time now, the people’s voice has been silenced. They were quiet when they saw somebody being intolerable. They were quiet when they saw cruelty. The concept of community was slowly fading.


It’s back, even though it’s taken on a different mantle. No longer would you see somebody verbally reprimanding an act in public. The next thing you know, you’re viral. Peer pressure takes on a new meaning when it involves hundreds of thousands of people at the least. It’s a stronger deterrence, which can be a good thing, but it can also be very dangerous. With democratic justice comes a brand of vigilantes and zealots who tend to take things too far. However, as with everything on the internet, we leave the judgement of this issue up to you.