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How To : Bela Jambang.. LIKE A MAN!!

Yes. I said it. Those of you clean shaven boys can beat it.


Different people right?  So what am i going to write about today? I’m going to write about how to grow your beard and make sure it looks good. I’ll be providing images on the most popular beard styles, care methods, matching hairstyles and other tips.

But first let’s get down to why beards are so cool.



Why Are Beards So Bad-Ass?

There’s something about facial hair that appeals to us. It’s a self grown male fashion accessory. We can’t wear ribbons on our hair and put on lipstick. But We can Grow A BEARD! Guys will do it even if their SOs try and stop them, so they’re not doing it to look purrty. It’s more like we’re doing it to appeal to our inner manly Lumberjack/Biker for some reason. Anyways, I can’t think of a better reason. Beards are cool. It just is.

Growing A  Beard

If you thought growing a beard was going to easy, you may leave. This is because growing one is extremely difficult, time consuming and requires more discipline than you originally thought.  So Let’s Start.

1. Keep It Neat

The one rule to growing a beard is to keep your cheek line and neck line neat. This is so you don’t get self conscious during the start of the growing period. It’s going to look and feel awkward. Keeping your hair short and well groomed while always shaving the neck and cheek line lets people know that you didn’t forget to shave.


2. Keep It Clean

Shampoo, moisturizer and facial cleansers are essential because you wanna keep your face as healthy as possible to clear out the blocked hair follicles. This also helps distribution of the beard.

3. It’s Going To Take Ages

Be patient. If you want to grow a full beard, it will take up to 5 months before it starts to show its potential. If you’re looking for a scruff, you might have to experiment a number of times until you can grow one without patches or bald beard spots. It will be worth it, trust me.

4. Grow It Before You Shape It

Keep your neck line low and cheek line high to allow for more modifications in the future. You never know what style suits you until you grow out your beard.

5. Keep your hair neat lookin’

Your beard is going to seem 100x more messy in your head if your hair is long and messy too. If you want to keep a beard, keeping your hair neat shows you’re in control and limits your messiness.


Beard Styles



So let’s debunk this korean pretty boy myth once and for all and show the world how awesome facial hair is. #realmenhavebeards . Ah well, at least we try.