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How To: Go Shopping!

Today we’re going to go through a step by step process on how to go shopping. You’ll go “But I know how to Shop! That’s one thing I’m sure I know how to do.” We’re gonna talk about how to reduce impulse shopping and buying things you’ll wear once before you throw it into the dustbin. These are some cool shopping tips for those of you who wants to make full use of your money to make sure you look good. 


Step 1 What Do You Want To Buy? 

Identify the things you want the most. Think about it and only buy the things you’re planning to use this month. If you’re shopping for a dinner two months from now, chances are you’ll find another suit/dress that looks way better by then. Then you’ll curse yourself and that “new” dress/suit will look so ugly you’d never put it on again.


Step 2 Research Type

Look up the samples and pictures of the type of dress/suit you’re looking for. This is to help you get a clear idea of what you want instead of spending hours and hours window shopping that ends with you buying something completely unrelated out of frustration. 

Step 3 Research Malls

Locate the mall that has the brands you like. Plan which shops you’re planning to go to and leave room for about 3 more. 

Step 4 Browsing and Testing

The next step is to look at all the ones that appeal to you and compare prices. It’s not about buying the cheapest one. It’s about getting one with the best value. 


Step 5 Don’t be Lonely

Come on, Shop while you spend time with somebody you should be spending time with. Ask a close friend, SO, sibling so you can make the most of that time. 




I know this seems basic, but it’s important you keep this in mind. This will help eliminate the clutter in your closet, keep your wallet/purse thick and guide you on spending shopping time productively.I know all of you girls know I’m a guy, but this helps too right? 😛