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Anthon Berg's The Generous Store

Buy chocolates with good deeds!

Here’s a great concept from a chocolate store in Denmark. A few months back, the Anthon Berg Generous Store introduced a new way to buy your chocolate gifts without the need for any cash, but pay with the promise of a good deed toward a person you care.

Inside, the boxes of candies came with unique price tags e.g. “Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week”, “Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one” and “No talking behind your friend’s back for a month”. Apparently the most popular of them all was “Help clean a friend’s house”.

One of Anthon Berg's many special price tags

Instead of cash registers, customers had to pay at iPad stations. Logging into their Facebook accounts, they’d have to post the promise of the good deed on the walls of both the giver and receiver of the deeds (and chocs). This way, the peer pressure will ensure they ‘pay up’ on time.

One of Anthon Berg's many special price tags

Apparently it worked, as Anthon Berg’s Facebook wall www.facebook.com/anthonberg were and is still plastered with customers’ photos as evidence of their good deeds. According to Anthon Berg, their aim is to reconnect their brand with generosity and inspire people to see the positive effects of being generous.