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Top 5: Toys Of All Time

Well, the one thing kids will forever have in common are toys. Toys are the things you use to entertain yourself and communicate with others. It’s a common ground. it’s a tool to reach out when we didn’t have pick up lines or the ability to hold a conversation. Kids talk about the things that delighted them the most. So we decided to make a top 5 toys of all time. What’s your favorite toy? 


5. Nintendo 

Nintendo consoles, ranging from Wii to the Gameboy is a modern form of toy. Those were the days when kids would immerse themselves in mario and pokemon. Trading Pokemon, exchanging cheat codes and competing to see who could do it the fastest. These games may be electronic, but the relationships we owe them were completely real.  


3. Monopoly

We all secretly love board games. We all secretly want to crush the other players in the game so badly they admit to your superiority. We all take it too far. For a game that was created to teach us simple economics, this game sure brings out the worst in us sometimes. Well, it’s still addictive though. It did teach me how to be a sore loser though. 



3. Bicycle

This is a classic. Bikes are the first form of vehicle you get your hands on. Feeling the wind pushing your hair back, the thrill of speed and the customization to your bike, you somehow think that the bicycle is an extension of yourself. Your bike was part of your identity. It’s like a mechanical horse isn’t it? Hey ho Silver!! 


2. Lego 

Who can forget lego? This awesome invention, for me, was a mini movie in the works. I would build buildings, characters, vehicles and monsters so i can produce a movie in my mind and act it out. Lego gives you the ability to invent anything you want. Imagination runs wild in a child. Having the means to exercise gave me more good than i thought at the time. 


1. Stick

Never underestimate the stick. Cheap and versatile, you can transform a single piece of dead plant into a sword, bow, gun and even a tractor. If you’ve never had fun with a stick, you’re missing out. Something as simple as clashing sticks with a friend can turn you into Darth Vader and Luke in your mind. If you still don’t see the value of this fantastic toy i leave you with one word. Slingshots, or as we say here in Malaysia, Lastik. Well, that’s not one word isn’t it? 


At the end of the day, it’s not about the toys. I bet you got that from reading everything i wrote above. It’s about imagination. Kids today have an excess of stimuli and need to nothing to add onto the amazing experience they’re already getting from modern games. It leaves less to the imagination. It’s their loss. We, however, cannot forget to exercise the little buggers we have inside us. Imagination is what allows us to see beyond what we have already achieved and the mistakes we’ve made before. Don’t be a bored little critic. Be an optimistic curious eager doer. In other words, be a kid. Growing up is subjective.