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Top 5: Technology That Will Scare You

So we’re starting blog segments. For Wednesdays, we pay homage to one of my favorite movies, High Fidelity. John Cusack’s obsession with his top 5 of everything was quite charming, but i’m really getting off topic. So starting from today, we will have a Top 5 Segment every Wednesday! Ain’t that grand? 

Today’s top 5 will be the Top 5 Technology That Will Scare Your Pants Off. Without further ado, i will stop wasting your time with nonsense. 


1. Designer Babies 

I’m no scientist, so i won’t go into the details. However, you can design your babies now! Through gene therapy, a baby could be modified to a certain extent. Right now the technology extends to removing genetic traits that lead to hereditary diseases and changing the gender of the baby, but scientists foresee a future where just about everything can be customized. Eye color, hair color, skin color and just about anything you can think of. Think of a future where you can select how your children would look like from a catalog. Imagine paying for that service. Imagine not being able to afford it.  Elitism is a scary business, some might say. 



2. Robot Suit HAL

Ever wanted your own Iron Man suit? Well, don’t write that off yet. Japan has created (apparently it’s been created for a long time now) a body suit that will greatly boost strength for the manual laborers, the elderly and the disabled. It is a superb invention with a noble cause. Imagine what will happen if the military gets their hands on it. Wait, did i tell you the company’s name is Cyberdyne? No joke. If you’re still clueless, Cyberdyne is the other name for Skynet, the company that destroyed the world in Terminator (You know, the one with Arnold Shwarzenegger?)



3.  Teleportation

You definitely didn’t see this one coming didn’t you? Yes, teleportation has been realized. Of course it’s not perfect! However, right now scientists are able to teleport photons over a distance of 143 km. The sad news is the photons are scanned and reproduced. It is not the same photon, but a perfect copy of it. Which means if human teleportation was realized, there could be a chance that your clone will reappear in your place after every teleportation process. I’d still think there would be some who wouldn’t mind though. 



4. “A Lifetime in An Hour” Drug

Dr Rebecca Roache, along with her merry band of scientists has proven that it is possible to create a drug that could allow a person to experience time in a different perspective. The drug was researched for the purpose of allowing human beings who are carrying out prison sentences to serve sentences that extends the duration of a person’s average life. This means a person would be able to serve 1000 year sentences. She added that in the future it is very likely that we will be able to upload a person’s mind onto a computer for a simulated prison sentence which will take only a few hours in real time. 



5. Oculus Rift

If you don’t already know what that is, you’re living under a coconut shell. It’s quite simply a virtual reality headset. We’re talking about games, avatar based social media and a lot more. We are talking about total immersion into the digital world. Heck, we complain about how people don’t talk to each other because they’re on their phones. This, while being absolutely awesome, will be worse. 


As if that’s not enough, think about what the future will be like if all these 5 things were realized in the near future. What will that world look like?