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What Do You Wanna See As You Inch Closer To Home In That Infernal Traffic Jam?

Let’s talk about watching the television while you’re driving down the highway. Sounds like a pretty irresponsible act doesn’t it? I wouldn’t be too sure. It’s the technology era. To some people, print and radio ads are no longer enough to attract the attention of people. Billboards are over. Welcome giant high definition lcd screens! So there are some who has gone to the streets, or to be more specific, the highways. Is it a distraction? Or is it a necessity in our brains’ thirst for stimuli? There are conflicting opinions on this. So let’s  analyze the pros and cons so you can decide: Aye or Nay? 

You know what I'm talking about right?? :P

You know what I’m talking about right?? 😛

The Pros:

  1. It’s a distraction from how angry you are at the evening traffic conditions. 
  2. It keeps your minds sharp from all the “information” spewed out from these ads. 
  3. It’s the only way to find out the latest deals available at your favorite outlets as you’re too busy to watch TV anymore.
  4. It helps you refrain from smoking during the looooooong drive home.
Imagine this on the highway.

Imagine this on the highway.

The Cons :

  1. Your eyes are NOT on the road!! 
  2. Cute girls and guys on the screen distracts your feet into forgetting they’re managing the gas pedal. And they’re dancing too!
  3. That cute bag that you always wanted is now teasing your broke self all the way home, increasing your impulse to shop recklessly.
  4. You no longer have an excuse to stare into other people’s car and chuckle in glee while they shamelessly pick their nose.
  5. You don’t wanna be a traffic couch potato. 

So there’s the scale. Add on to the ones we haven’t already listed and let us know where you stand on our Facebook page. You have a say in how information is delivered to you right? No. Haha. Have a nice day.   

*This article does not, in any way, dictates the truth or even facts. It is just the ramblings and rantings of a simple guy with no common sense. If you enjoy, please stay tuned for more ridiculous articles. :)