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Heey Nasi Goreng~ (You Sang It Didn't You?)

Anybody remember this Television ad in the 90s? Maybe i remember this particular one because it was aired around the time i was around. This particular tune and video stuck to my head until today. The 90s was a time in the past that was almost completely different than the world today, despite the fact that it was only 20 years ago. This was the time when “Chicky” was the mascot for KFC, when the Hamburglar and Grimace were constant faces in McDonald’s, when there was no Justin Bieber on the radio. But i digress. 

The power of good advertising is not its creativity, but rather its memorability. If people can remember the advertisement, it was good. Some advertisements, despite being crazily creative, does not get implanted in the minds of it consumers. This is what the “adabi” advertisement proves through its simple and catchy advertisement. 

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