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Truly unique, toy-themed concert by Toys 'R' Us

Last year Toys ‘R’ Us in Spain wanted to celebrate its 20th Anniversary right before Christmas the period where most of the annual sales take place.

In the growing competitive environment with chain stores e.g. Carrefour and their low price factor, Toys ‘R’ Us wanted to remind both parents and kids who the true expert in toys is, and at the same time spread the message about the important role of play in children’s personal development and for parents and children to spend time playing together.

So Toys ‘R’ Us approached Spain’s National Auditorium and the Metropolitan Orchestra to create a unique commemorative classical concert where music instruments were replaced by… toys!

The concert was attended by thousands of kids and parents, and the initiative was acclaimed as an original, surprising & spectacular promotion for the brand, as well as an inspiring way to ignite creativity in kids.